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  • Ratboy Genius Merchandise Now Available.

    I have begun building an online store at CafePress:


    There are all sorts of fun and exciting products available for fans of all ages: clothing, hats, bags, mugs, aprons, coasters, clocks, stickers, magnets, iPad cases, iPhone cases, posters, pillows, blankets, water bottles, beer steins, and more.

    So far the store features Ratboy Genius, Little Summer Solstice Baby, the Cast of Happyman (Happyman, Green Monster, Fred, George, & Bob), and other art work and characters from Ratboy’s Kingdom.

    Show your support for Ratboy Genius and his magical Kingdom by purchasing something fun for yourself or as a gift. The quality of the merchandise is great, ordering is easy, and shipping is fast.

    Have fun!


    Knock knock!

  • Ratboy Genius is back in D.C.

    Ratboy Genius’s latest adventure features his visit to Ford’s Theater, the legendary theater where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. As we all know, Ratboy Genius loves Abraham Lincoln so much. To honor his hero, Ratboy Genius wears his Lincoln beard, and sports a new stovepipe hat like the one that Lincoln used to wear.

    In a fun surprise, Happyman and Green Monster are onstage at Ford’s Theater, performing a musical number about Lincoln’s assassination. A little history, a little drama, and a lot of fun. . .

  • The Ratboy Genius Theme Song Video

    So many people have asked me, “Ryan, can you please make a short of the Ratboy Genius Theme Song Video?” As you probably know, the Theme Song was originally featured in “The Adventures of Ratboy Genius Chapter 9”, as just one part of a much larger production. But the song has caught on and has since been used in, among other places, “Happyman 12 – The Intermission”. Though Happyman and Ratboy sing new words.

    But what you may not know is that nearly all of the music for Happyman 12 was based on the Ratboy Theme Song! Hard to believe, for sure. All sorts of music theorists and musicologists have been so pleased to point this out to me, (as if I wasn’t aware!), so I have prepared this little video short.

    Remember: Ratboy Genius is on vacation, just chillin’ in Venice Beach, California. He’s got his little red buggy, his roller skates, his surfboard, and his penny whistle, and he’s livin’ the life. Of all the music the Ratboy Genius has composed, he has told me that this is his favorite.

  • Ratboy’s Kingdom Chapter 11

    Ratboy sings a little song as he rides down the Ratboy Genius Canal in his special canoe. We get a little tour of the canal as Ratboy rides down to Lake Genius. The Little Summer Solstice Baby is waiting for Ratboy on his new yacht, which is docked at Lake Genius.

    The Ratboy is planning on going a romantic ride on the yacht around the lake. When they get out on the lake, Ratboy and Summer Solstice sing a Venetian Gondolied (boat song). We get a nice tour of the lake as the two friends get closer.

    Then, as the sun begins to go down, the two of them sing a touching song professing their love for each other. At the end of the song, Ratboy takes Summer Solstice into his arms and they kiss.

  • Ratboy’s Kingdom Chapter 10

    Ratboy returns from his vacation with a big operatic musical number.

    “When Ratboy comes marching home again, hurrah! Hurrah!
    They’ll give me a hearty welcome then, hurrah! Hurrah!
    My friends will cheer and scream and shout,
    The ladies they will all turn out,
    When the Ratboy marches back into Ratboy’s Kingdom. . .”

    He collects all of his friends and gathers them together to tell them about his exciting vacation. They are all so happy to see Ratboy again.

    He tells about his adventures meeting a sea lion and a horse. He also relates the great story about riding his new flying saucer through the streets of San Francisco.

  • Ratboy’s Kingdom Chapter 9

    It is an exciting time for the Ratboy Genius. After working so hard to build his Kingdom, he is taking a vacation. He checks into a hotel and has a lot of fun activities planned.

    First he puts on his little bow tie and goes to see the symphony concert. He has fun riding the escalators and helping his friends in the orchestra practice their music before the concert starts.

    The next day Ratboy Genius wakes up early and goes for a hike in the mountains. He finds hiking to be so invigorating.

    Then Ratboy drives his little red buggy to the beach, where he sings his NEW THEME SONG and introduces it in a fun new music video that shows Ratboy roller blading, surfing, working out, and wandering the board walk playing his little flute.

    “Knock knock! It’s me the Ratboy Genius!
    I just came over to say hi!
    I am the little Ratboy Genius!
    I hope we have a happy time!”


  • Ratboy’s Kingdom Chapter 8

    The Ratboy Genius has a new banjo! He is living the life of the wandering folk singer, wandering through his Kingdom and singing classic songs.

    “I come from Ratboy’s Kingdom with a banjo on my knee,
    I’m going to see my dear, dear friend,
    The Summer Solstice Baby. . .
    Oh Summer Solstice! Now don’t you cry for me!
    ‘Cause I come from Ratboy’s Kingdom with a banjo on my knee. . .”

    Then Ratboy and Summer Solstice sing their version of “Skip to My Lou”.

    As they are singing Mister Big Arms and Very Tall Friend arrive. The four of them all sing the great classic “If I Had a Kingdom”.

    “If I had a Kingdom, I’d roam it in the morning, I’d roam it in the evening, all over this land. . .”

  • Ratboy’s Kingdom Chapter 7

    The Ratboy Genius sings!

    He’s been working on building his new castle in his Kingdom. Ratboy is so proud of his castle. It is so impressive. There is a moat that surrounds the castle and is connected to the Ratboy Canal. When the canal is finished it will connect to all the places in the Kingdom and will be five miles long.

    Ratboy takes us for a ride on his special canoe down the canal and sings a little song:

    “The Ratboy Genius sings this song!
    Doo Da! Doo Da!
    The Ratboy Canal is five miles long!
    Oh the Doo Da Day!”

    Then we see a little musical slide show Ratboy made of his new home.

  • Ratboy’s Kingdom Chapter 6

    The Ratboy Genius is really excited to today. He just bought lots of land next to his kingdom and he has decided to build an amusement park. Ratboy’s Kingdom is already a magical place, but it will be even more fun now.

    Ratboy is unveiling the first ride in Ratboy’s Kingdom. It is called “Big Thunder Ratcaves” and it is a roller coaster train ride. It took him a long time to build it, and now is going to ride it for the first time.

    The rest of the episode is a thrilling ride through the roller coaster.

    It is the best ride that Ratboy has ever seen. He hopes you like it too, because he built it for his friends.

  • Ratboy’s Kingdom Chapter 5

    Another beautiful day in Ratboy’s Kingdom, but the Ratboy Genius is in a serious mood. School is back in session and the Ratboy is taking several courses at Kingdom College.

    One of the courses is about Ratboy’s hero, Abraham Lincoln. He admires Abraham Lincoln so much, so he goes to tell his friends about his class. He finds Summer Solstice and Mister Big Arms playing with the geese.

    Summer Solstice is surprised to find that Ratboy is wearing a fake beard. He wants to look more like his hero, Abraham Lincoln. Ratboy takes his friends to the Lincoln statue where he recites an excerpt from Lincoln’s famous speech of 1858.

    Ratboy climbs up onto Lincoln shoulders and recites part of the speech. “. . . A house divided against itself cannot stand!”

    After Ratboy’s recital, the three friends deconstruct the message of the speech. Ratboy’s conclusion is that Lincoln led our country into a better future. “Not many presidents have been able to do that.”