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  • Piano Lesson Nightmare

    The story of a piano lesson gone wrong:


    The piano teacher comes over to the house to give the boy a piano lesson. As the lesson begins, Father enters the parlor, yells at the piano teacher:


    “Did you have a bottle of tomato juice for dinner last night?”




    “Well, did you?”


    Puzzled shock.


    Piano teacher finally replies, “Yes I did. Why?”


    Father yells, “GET OUT! GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE! Never come back! You are not to see my son again! I will not have you in this house! GET OUT!”





  • i ching – the creative

    Several years ago I composed a multimedia piece that used categories from the i ching as inspiration for a musical suite. I performed on piano, harpsichord, and a casio keyboard, operated a slide projector with slides that I created for each i ching category with photos I took in Tahiti. I also precomposed a two-channel tape part and some MIDI music for the Casio to play by itself and in the ensemble.

    The whole piece is here: http://www.ryandorin.com/undersky.html

    Today I came across some of that old music and decided to create an electronic score and a new video. This is the “creative” category. In the piece, the rhythm of the words are used to generate the music, and in the video, the line from the musical score with the words scrolls by on a ribbon.

    The words are:

    the creative – great success benefits the upright and true.