The Ratboy Genius The Adventures of the Ratboy Genius in Ratboy’s Kingdom
It’s me!
The Ratboy Genius!
I just came over to say hi!
I hope you like my home videos!
The Ratboy Genius returns from his vacation and his friends celebrate his arrival with a big musical number. The Ratboy shares more of his vacation adventures, including hanging out with a sea lion, some horses, and taking a ride through the city in his flying saucer.
The Ratboy Genius is taking a much-needed vacation. He checks into a hotel and goes to the symphony. The next day he hikes in the mountains, and goes roller skating and surfing at the beach. Then he takes out his tin whistle and sings his new theme song.
The Ratboy Genius gets a new banjo and becomes a folk singer. He visits the Summer Solstice Baby and they have a sing along with some friends. Musical numbers include “Oh Summer Solstice!”, “Skip To My Lou”, and the classic “If I Had a Kingdom”.
The Ratboy Genius has built a new castle in his kingdom, and he sings songs to celebrate his impressive new home. We get to ride on the special canoe through the Ratboy Canal. Musical numbers include “I’ve Been Working on My Castle”, “The Ratboy Genius Sings This Song”, and “Castle in Ratboy’s Kingdom.
"Big Thunder Ratcaves"
The Rat Boy Genius decides to open his own amusement park. Here he introduces his first ride - a wild roller coaster through the Big Thunder Ratcaves.
The Ratboy Genius is back in school. He is very enthusiastic about his Abraham Lincoln class and goes to tell his friends about it. He puts on a fake beard and recites part of a speech by the great president.  
After not seeing the Rat Boy Genius in weeks, the Little Summer Solstice Baby goes to his house to check on him. To her surprise, she finds the Rat Boy Genius is now in 3D!  The Ratboy Genius shows Summer Solstice his new technology, and then they go for a ride in his new little red buggy.
We finally meet Ratboy Genius's girlfriend - the Little Summer Solstice Baby. Ratboy and Summer Solstice ride in the little red buggy and pick up some of their friends. Then they visit the prairie dogs and have a big dance party.
The Ratboy Genius rides through his kingdom in his little red buggy and visits his friends the prairie dogs.  Then he takes a ride in his flying saucer and explains why the sky is blue and the clouds are white. Then he sails on the lake in his little red sailboat, and picks up Very Tall Friend.
The first adventure. The Ratboy roams his kingdom and meets Leaping Friend. Then he rides in his little red buggy and goes swimming in the lake, where he turns into a fish for a little while.
“Romance on Lake Genius”
The Ratboy Genius anxiously rides his special canoe down the Ratboy Canal to Lake Genius, where the Summer Solstice Baby is waiting for him on his new Yacht. They go for a romantic ride on the lake, and sing two new songs, ending in a tender kiss.